Friday, January 1, 2010

El Greco Grill

My recent visit to El Greco Grill marked the end of a self-imposed seven year moratorium on all things Greek. I admit to having developed an irrational prejudice toward an entire cuisine based on the fraudulent behavior of one Dimitri Sofias. I’ll spare you the details, because, though broke and bitter, I’ve moved on, and as of yesterday have embraced Greek cuisine once again. I couldn’t have picked a better landing for my re-entry than El Greco.

At first glance El Greco looks like just another gyro place. The non-descript university location and counter service style belies the high quality and true authenticity of its food. While the two-sided menu is extensive, the cashier taking our order was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about guiding us in the right direction.

We ordered the moussaka with tabouli on the side and the lamb chop special with a side of Greek salad. The moussaka was rich and delicious and nearly impossible to finish. (Nearly, meaning, I did, indeed, finish it.)

Moussaka notwithstanding, I blame the lamb chops at El Greco for re-igniting my love for Greek cuisine. These chops were so good that I followed up the meal with a trip to Central Market to buy lamb chops in the hopes of re-creating such deliciousness. I’m under no illusions, however, regarding the limitations of a George Foreman grill in this capacity. Still, if I can’t go back to El Greco right away, I’ll settle for a poor substitute if only to incite a more vivid memory of those lamb chops.

Wait a minute. I just found out El Greco delivers. Dimitri who?

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  1. You crack me up. The food sounds great we should do lunch. Any time.

  2. Thanks for the review. I am headed that way as soon as possible.

  3. fyi.. tabouli is not a greek dish.

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  5. Tell me more about Dimitri..

  6. I want to hear more about this Dimitri too. I bet I have some stories for you